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VP of Programming
Paula Holland de Long

Resilience, authenticity, and breakthrough results are the foundation of What’s Next For My Life™, the life coaching company founded by speaker, life coach, award-winning author and artist, and 20-year breast cancer survivor Paula Holland De Long ACC, CPCC.  Known for her expertise in bringing heart-based joy, passion and purpose to anyone's life, she teaches people how to get unstuck, do the things THEY want to do, and access their heart-based inner wisdom, guiding their growth into who they've always been meant to be. Her proven What’s Next life coaching process combines accelerated learning tools, expressive art projects, and other holistic techniques designed so each individuals’ spirit, body, and mind will flourish. Her gentle yet potent life coaching plus art growth groups use crayons, collage, wisdom cards, and energy balancing techniques reduce busy brain, clear limiting patterns and beliefs, and foster making personal wants and needs a priority. Over 98% of Paula’s clients report significant increases in their feelings of empowerment and their ability to make choices and take action in all areas of their lives. Her work has been featured in various magazines and venues, most recently The Wall Street Journal.