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Director Programming North
Sheila Decoster

Sheila is a Mindset Coach who helps single women overcome the obstacles they face while dating, by transforming the way they think and approach their relationships.

Before starting a coaching business. Sheila's extreme curiosity about why humans think, feel, and act the way they do lead her to complete a masters degree in Psychology. After graduating, Sheila went through a traumatic divorce that shifted her perspective on how women should approach dating and relationships. Sheila believes that when you are in alignment with your values and confident in who you are you will consistently show up for yourself. Inspired by her experience and countless hours of guiding other women going through similar situations. She went on to become a Professional Certified Coach and facilitates workshops teaching women how to communicate effectively while building a relationship with purpose.

Sheila enjoys traveling and snuggling up with a good book while sipping on a piping hot cup of cafe´au lait.