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This is a great benefit and I would like to highlight it in different areas.

Reciprocal coaching is intended to help coaches work together to learn and grow in their coaching practice while gaining coaching experience and additional hours for their credentialing process.

As a coach, you provide coaching to another coach and you receive coaching from a coach that offers you the niche you select. As such, you get to experience the power of coaching and learn new tools and practices from another coach.
Peer coaching is intended to support your coaching journey. You get coaching by giving coaching and you get compensated by receiving coaching in return.

You pay for the coaching you receive by giving coaching to another coach in our community. Therefore, the financial outlay for reciprocal peer coaching is very minimal, as you're only paying ICF Global a coordination fee, rather than paying a coach for his/her time every session.

For more information about the step by step process, click here.