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Keely M Merritt 

Meltwater, Keely Merritt Coaching + Consulting  Executive & Leadership Coach
Miami Shores, FL

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Miami Shores, FL
Meltwater, Keely Merritt Coaching + Consulting
Executive & Leadership Coach
69 NE 103 St
Miami Shores, FL 33138
Miami Dade County

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Additional Information

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching iPEC
Executive leadership coaching for director and VP level sales leaders
future VP programming (once the kiddos are a little older)
Internal and External
Certified by a professional coach training school
Bachelor's degree


Keely Merritt is a certified professional executive coach, international speaker, and leadership development expert. Keely’s own leadership experience comes from building sales teams across Canada and the US for a global software firm.

After this, she founded a learning and development team supporting 2000 employees in 50 offices across the globe. It was during this experience where she studied how to be a catalyst and partner with leaders for exponential development which impacts their results.

Today she is a leadership coach for executives and director level leaders. She leads training and speaking events where she works with companies and individuals in the areas of company culture, leadership development, energy leadership, strengths based development, employee engagement, leadership coaching, the science of happiness at work, and training that impacts performance.