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Galia Pennekamp 

Something In Common  Founder
Miami, FL

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Miami, FL
Something In Common
4931 Southwest 75th Lane
Miami, FL 33143
Miami Dade County

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Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs, Transitions, Life
Very open to consider all opportunities.
Certified by a professional coach training school
Master's degree


Hi, I'm Galia

Passionate About Empowering Others

An adventurous relationship builder, fundraiser, educator, and amplifier born to help extraordinary people create an audacious impact.

From an early age, I’ve always had a passion for helping and serving others, and I’m proud to have raised millions of dollars for nonprofits to empower individuals and create social change.

What lights me up is when I talk to people, and their response is, “Oh, Wow! I hadn’t thought about it like that!” And that single insight has the power to change course, create new opportunities, partnerships and transform lives.

My coaching is exceptionally effective, fun, and empowering. It’s centered on creating win, win, win outcomes.

For years I’ve been fascinated with the voice within. You know that whisper telling you there’s more…more to you, more you can do, more you can be, more you can create.

Yet for most of my life, I’ve known that playing it safe, playing it small, and coloring inside the lines lowers my ceiling and costs me my sense of adventure and living a truly powerful, authentic life.

You see, there’s a power in me that helps my clients connect to that inner voice, and intuitively I sense their hopes and dreams no matter how outwardly successful they are. I believe there’s a power in you to change for all that you've done, add more meaning to your life, and leave nothing undone.

My coaching practice is more than a business for me. It is a synergistic way to combine my knowledge, values, and gifts.

In trying to figure out my own “is this all there is?”, I now realize that feeling of “what if” has become my gift in working with high-energy people. I’m able to hold the mirror up for those who are frustrated and struggling to create more meaning and impact. I help them achieve it.

My clients have already accomplished extraordinary achievements few can match. However wildly successful, powerful, and significant, their triumphs and pleasures fade almost as soon as they occur.

If you’re looking to go deeper, connect with your inner voice and have ambition for a bigger mission, let’s talk.

Let’s explore what audacious looks like for you and build bridges to make that happen.