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Vimari Roman 

Be Productive Coaching  Career Strategist & Mental Fitness Coach
El Portal, FL

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El Portal, FL
Be Productive Coaching
Career Strategist & Mental Fitness Coach
112 NE 90Th St
El Portal, FL 33138
Miami Dade County

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NeuroStrategic Coaching Institute
Career Coaching, Leadership & Executive Coaching, High-Performance & Mental Fitness Coaching
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None, but pursuing
Certified by a professional coach training school


Vimari Roman helps professionals get out of paralysis analysis, gain confidence, and take massive action to find the career that

moves them.

She founded Be Productive Coaching in 2014 and serves clients from all over the world working virtually. With over twenty years

of experience in leadership, Vimari has successfully mentored and coached 100's of high-performing professionals in various

industries assisting their transition to live exciting lives, filled with purpose, greater career satisfaction, and higher pay.

Vimari's practice focuses on Executive & Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, and Mental Fitness Coaching.


In 2014 my life took a complete shift...

After 20 years of a successful career, I found myself bored, frustrated, and discouraged. I realized that I had outgrown my career, and I was unmotivated to re-enter the job market. I feared the transition from doing work that supported me for so long, to doing work that followed my purpose and passion. Thankfully, my self-doubt did not last long. In 2013, I earned my Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM) and started my first company, Be Productive Meetings & Events. I was blessed with a great start, but something was still missing…After attending Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” and hiring a Coach, I discovered that my true passion has always been mentoring and strategizing the success of others.

In 2014, received my Global Certificate in Leadership Coaching. Since then, I’ve successfully mentored and coached hundreds of professionals who want to transition to a better job and live a life of purpose.