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Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US
Welcome to ICF South Florida JOIN US

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The Leader as Coach
How to unleash innovation, energy, and commitment.

Five Coaching Practices To Accelerate The Growth Of Others
Coaching is the art of drawing forth potential onto the canvas of high performance.

The Five Disciplines of Team Dynamic Coaching
What is a team? A team is two or more people working together to meet a specific goal or purpose.

Wellness Coaching: Latest Trends
Physicians are increasingly utilizing wellness coaches to help their clients live a healthier lifestyle.

How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Wellbeing in Challenging Times
Neuroscience has shown us that our well–being is improved by the integration of mind and body and this process begins with presence.NEWSLETTER



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Credibility – Worldwide recognized organization

Visibility - Local and global coaches and clients

Awareness - Latest research and business development trends 

Networking - Local and global peers and potential partners

Opportunity - Board leadership and advisory roles

Growth - Accredited training and tools

Giving - Community outreach and pro bono projects

Rewards - Credentials, insurance, webinars, events

Empowerment - Legacy coaching experts and speakers

Development - Free coach directory and coaching partners
Discounts - Special discounts or pricing on goods and services

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Fear & Your Life as You Know It: Coaching from the Inside Out

 September 23, 2021
   1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Earn 1.25 Core Competency and 0.25 Resource Development CCEUs.

Registration is required

Join author, Janet M. Harvey, as she
deepens your learning of the
Invite Change book.

Fear that stops you from choosing a new path is an illusion yet palpable, present and real. When perception becomes a truth you adopt without question, you are living out of integrity. In this webinar, learn to see beyond the surface to the truth of what is, what is real, true and available to then choose an embrace of respect, acceptance and love.
Explore how the archetypal journey of human development is inclusive. It doesn’t discriminate based on gender, culture, economic status, or any other criteria you identify.* As an adult, we’ve forgotten that taking risks and falling down was how we learned, everything. Choose to get back up, inside-out.

Learning Outcomes:
Discover new ways to explore fear, the emotion that builds resistance to the changes clients most want to pursue.
Peer practice with ICF core competency skills that support being generative with clients to breakthrough paralyzing fear.
Pursue choices that evolve your coaching practice toward being more inclusive, equitable and brave.

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