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Valeska Martins

Valeska is a transformational coach fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. A Brazilian, who has 24 years of living and working abroad (UK, Japan and the US). Valeska built a career in coaching and consulting based on Systemic and Psychodynamics approaches. Before becoming a coach, she had more than 20 years of experience in Psychotherapy and Organizational Consultancy. Her work is rooted on a holistic view of the human being and the belief that transformation comes from the inside as we light up one’s inner potential, desire and power to transform life. On her coaching practice she works with individuals in life and career transition; as well as executives and entrepreneurs, to become the best leaders for their organizations and fullfil their purpose in life. Valeska designs and implements programs to maximize leadership skills, to build organizational culture, to enhance top team dynamics, and group relations.


Valeska initiated leadership coaching in the south of Brazil (in the early 90s) when coaching was not a common practice in Latin America. She facilitated retreats, organizational change projects, leadership succession plans and conducted top team alignment. At the academic level, she worked as a University researcher as part of her PhD on Mental Health at the Workplace.


Being an expatriate wife, Valeska lived in England for 7 years. As a professional woman, she used that opportunity to obtain a Master degree in Consultation for Organizations and Groups with Psychoanalytical Approaches, at the Tavistock Clinic. Also, worked as an external consultant for the National Health Service (UK) on team and leadership development programs, and coached young entrepreneurs on leadership development.


In 2005, Valeska’s family was relocated to Japan, where they lived for 6 years. There, she joined TELL Counseling Services providing psychotherapy to foreigners living in Japan, as well as consulting Japanese subsidiaries of foreign corporations on behavioral and organizational development matters. Having two young children going through the challenges and the beauty of being raised as Global Citizens motivated her to volunteer in international schools designing and facilitating group work on cross-cultural adaptation for children and parents. Based on her own experience, she created and facilitated groups of professional expatriate women who were building a new career in Tokyo.


Once the family was expatriated to the US, Valeska decided to make Miami home! Always focused on professional and personal development, she obtained the Organizational Development Consultant Certificate at the NTL Institute in Washington DC. Attended Certified Professional Coach training at the University of Miami, a Shadow Work Basic Facilitator Training, Breakthrough Thinking seminars and Leveraging Genius Conferences (by Gap International).


Living on 3 continents has allowed Valeska to work with people from diverse backgrounds, which has increased her ability to understand, empathize and adapt to different cultural needs and values. The combination of personal experience and solid professional qualification has given Valeska a unique perspective to life and work.