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Alison Joslyn (Alison)

Alison Joslyn and Associates, LLC  President and Founder
Miami, FL

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Miami, FL
Alison Joslyn and Associates, LLC
President and Founder
3183 Oak Ave
Miami, FL 33133
Miami Dade County

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Additional Information

University of Miami
Senior and high potential executives, women, Latin America
Certified by a professional coach training school
Master's degree


What could you do differently to achieve your professional goals, dreams or aspirations? That is what we will discover together.

In my 30+ years of delivering results in a variety of companies and senior leadership roles, working across cultures and leading regional and country teams, my strength has been my ability to develop talent and teams and help them exceed expectations and align around a shared vision. 

Now, as an executive coach I support executives, teams and high potential individuals to not only realize but exceed their aspirational goals,  to bring all of their considerable gifts to bear on what they are looking to achieve and to ultimately support them to generate satisfaction and joy in achieving what didn’t seem achievable.

Years ago a swim coach asked me to do a series of 15 repetitions of 100 meters at a pace I believed was impossible for me. I fought hard for the first one and barely made the time. I fought equally hard for the second and again, just made it. This continued right through the last of the set. At times it got really tough both physically and mentally.  I wanted to quit and I fought hard against all the self-limiting beliefs I had about my capabilities.  I didn’t want to let my coach or myself down so I gave it all I had and ultimately delivered the reps on time. 

That in a nutshell is what coaching can do for you.  It can help you shift your beliefs about what is possible. It will push you out of your comfort zone in a way that helps you to grow and improve.  I can help you to achieve goals that you hadn’t even contemplated and wouldn’t attempt on your own. I become your trusted partner, supporter, and someone to help you remain accountable so you can go where you want with your career and life.

As an executive coach, I bring my years of organizational experience, my ability to understand what it takes for you to be successful, all the lessons I have learned competing as an endurance athlete, along with the perspective and understanding I have gained as my adventurous spirt took me to far flung corners of the globe, all to help you become the very best version of you. 

Key Corporate roles

  • LATAM Regional Head, Alexion
  • LATAM Regional Head, Shire
  • GM, Joint Venture with Merck & Schering-Plough, Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • VP, Division Compliance Head for Global Human Health, Merck
  • VP, Head of Global Commercial Strategy Respiratory Franchise, Merck
  • GM, Venezuela, Merck
  • GM, Central America, Caribbean, Grunenthal